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Payment Systems

Payment solutions consulting for Banking and Non Banking Financial Institution, Merchant Services, Payment Gateways, Money Service Business, Money Exchanges, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and VAT Refund.

We can help with:

  • Worldwide e-commerce acquiring with our solution partners
  • E-commerce Fraud Management Consulting
  • Payment Gateway Development & Design
  • Switch Systems
  • Merchant & Administrative Control Panels
  • Transaction Control and Reporting
  • Integration with acquiring institutions and 3rd parties

Online Reputation Management

Controls how you look online - clears negatives & improves reviews. Rep and Tile is a leading company on Employee Advocacy, Online Reputation Management, Internet Antipiracy solutions.


Copyright Infringement Protection

Purus Online is providing effective and affortable copyright infringement protection for a wide array digital content owners. We use a three-stage to identify infringements, once our search crawler has indexed full web content, pattern matching, statistical modeling and expert staff review.

Protecting Business Intelligence: Security Operations Centre and Managed Services

Purus Online is the solution partner with Technology Valley Coredefence. Technology Valley Coredefence provides technical solution and managed services to enhance and improve information security and IT management within enterprises, based on best of breed technology and on proprietary Intellectual Property. T.V. provides solutions and services in the following areas:

  • Security as a service
  • Fraud Management
  • Smart IT Management
  • Cloud Security Solutions

Operates through its Solutions Operations Centre in Istanbul, Parma and London active 27x7x365, and local presence across Turkey, Italy and UK Leverages strong partnerships with leading technology providers in the market